Around Phong Nha

Not only caves, Quang Binh also has poetic rivers and renowned craft villages. The Son river windingthrough the villages, stretching corn fields, and the karst mountains all combines to make a peaceful yet majestic scenery.

Phong Nha Village

Phong Nha is a booming tourist village with a picturesque landscape, hospitable accommodations, incredible food and a whole lots of good-hearted people. Mother Nature was obviously favoured Phong Nha. It is blessed with a landscape that no one should ever leave without having at least one look. But once you have set your eyes on the magnificent limestone mountains, far-stretched rice paddies, and winding green rivers then it will be hard to forget such scenery. The town change its beauty with every passing seasons as if putting on make-up. A yellow and green luscious look for spring, a hot and passionate look for the summer then change into a rawer and cooler for the winter. Breath-taking landscape couple with friendly people who will go out of their way to make your experience once-in-a-lifetime. The people here will make sure that you receive the warmest welcome at almost every place you go to, taste one of the most delicious food you have ever eaten, and have a safe and sound sleep at night. Phong Nha has all it takes to be on your must-visit list. We offer several tours that could take you to see every aspects of this beautiful village such as Phong Nha River Cruise, Phong Nha Sunset Cruise, Phong Nha by Kayak, and Phong Nha by Bicycle.

Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave has long been a symbol of Phong Nha as well as Quang Binh province in general. Before becoming a well-known tourist attraction, Phong Nha Cave served as a hide-out, a makeshift hospital, an armoury, and a bomb shelter during wartime. But when peace and freedom came, these purposes became obsure and people started to see Phong Nha Cave with a different set of eyes. For the first time, people realised its beauty and importance in natural sciences. Thus, Phong Nha Cave was opened for tourism in 1995. Since then, millions of people have visited and enchanted by the cave’s stalagtite and stalacmite formations all crafted by Mother Nature’s very own hands. It is a place where you can let your imagination roam free and determine what a rock formation might look like for yourselves.  You may see a lion but others might take a completely different interpretation. Thanks to its location, accessibility, and difficulty level Phong Nha Cave is a great start for those who want to start their caving journey in this Kingdom of Caves. Come on this Private National Park Tour with us to explore Phong Nha Cave yourselves.

Paradise Cave

There are many places have names without any particular meaning or link to the place itself but this is not the case for Paradise Cave because it actually is a heaven of Earth. The cave was discovered in 2005 and opened to tourist in 2010 and have since been welcoming millions of visitors every year. It’s hard to find peace in a busy life but you will find it upon entering Paradise Cave. Posing a contrasting atmosphere with the outside, you will feel like entering a different world. The cave is like a natural air conditioner so the air inside stay cool all the time no matter how hot the summer is outside. Once you have laid eyes on the stalactites and stalagmites, you can’t help but be bewitched by their beauty. It is an opus which has gone through hundred millions of years of creation that is impossible for human to recreate. It is hard to convey the magnificence of Paradise Cave unless you have witnessed it yourselves. Words can only describe a small fraction of the cave’s grandeur. So don’t make any more excuses and just get going now! We offer both private and join-in options for tour to Paradise Cave.

Eight Ladies Cave

Like many other caves in the area, Eight Ladies Cave used to serve many purposes in the war. It had no name until Eight volunteered youth sacrificed in the cave during a road opening mission. Now it has become a historical landmark and a memorial for the undying spirit of Vietnamese’ soldiers. Eight Ladies Cave locates near Highway 20, a road that played a major role in transporting supplies and reinforcement to the frontline. You will be humbled by the stories of the brutal war. This is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and those who would like to pay a tribute to all the people who brought us peace. Eight Ladies Cave is one of the destinations in both of our private and join-in National Park Tours.

Phong Nha Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden is like a small version of the entire National Park. Phong Nha Botanic Garden is a recommended stop for those who are interested in biology since they can learn about rare plants and animals as well as ways to protect them through the people who work there. But it can also be a nice outing for you and your family since you can immerse in the green space of the Garden, have a little adventure to Gio waterfall and take a break at Vang Anh lake where you can swim and relax in the shade of the primary forest. Botanic Garden is the first stop in our Private National Park Tour or you can choose to go just there with our Botanic Garden Walking Tour.

Bong Lai Valley

Bong Lai is a classic example of a rural Vietnamese village. It is not too far from Phong Nha and the best way to explore this little village is by bicycle. Peddling down the dirt roads, weaving through the rice paddies and the laidback mountains, then stop by some popular stops for refreshment and you will realise this is such a hidden gem.Several settlements are catered to travelers which was praised worldwide. Such settlement is the Pub with Cold Beer and the beer here is indeed cold as advertised. All the food is grown locally and served freshly hot. While waiting for your food, you can either help preparing them, go swimming in the river, or simply enjoy your beer on the hammock. You can also stop by the Duck Stop to play with some feathery friends and take a photo with Donald Trump the buffalo. Don’t worry, he is very friendly and a professional model. Bong Lai is a place where you can have a relaxing day from the hectic exploring schedule while taking in the fresh air, the sounds of the animals, and fill your bellies with good food and cold beers. We have a tour go Bong Lai Valley by bicycle so check it out here.

Chay Village

Wonderful landscape and people are something you can’t miss when you come to Quang Binh. Here in Chay village you can experience both. About 12km away from Phong Nha, Chay village is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The local people mainly live by farming. Take a look around and you can feel the tranquility exudes from every corners you pass by. Wake up to the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves and the crowing of roosters. Then take a bike or a boat around to see the buffaloes and the cows lazily graze the grass, kids happily play on the field, a butterfly right at your touch, the brightest smile comes from a random passerby, and the amazing food that can always make your day better. All of this make the place perfect to get away from the bustling city and rejuvenate. Chay village will certainly be a memorable stop on your trip of adventure.