Chay Lap Riverside is a facility under Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort where guests can relax and enjoy the beauty of Chay river in various ways. Located 500m from Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort, the walk to Chay Lap Riverside is short and pleasurable. We offer many water activities here such as kayak, SUP, jetski, motorboat, cruise and many more. Coming here, you won’t just be able to play in the river but also enjoy some great BBQ and be welcomed by the most hospitable staff.



Kayak is a popular activity in Phong Nha among tourists and locals alike. With a kayak, you can easily explore the river system in Phong Nha and play in the river. Our kayaks are available in both tandem and solo. Besides renting the kayak on hourly basis, we also offer kayak tours that goes around Phong Nha and beyond with a price that can’t be beat! You can check out the kayak tours such as Phong Nha by Kayak, Ngon Rao Kayak Adventure, and Remote Kayak Adventure.

Rental fee (1 – 2 pax): 160,000 ₫ / 2 hours (100,000 ₫/hour)


SUP (Standup Paddle) is relatively new in Vietnam but it is a very easy sport to master. Guests can quickly learn and have fun on the SUP while streaming along our beautiful Chay river.

Rental fee (1pax): 160,000 ₫ / 2 hours (100,000 ₫/hour)


The floating hammock is a unique service that is only available at Chay Lap Riverside. Like the name suggested, guests can lie on the hammock and float along the river. It is very relaxing where you can just lay there; enjoy a beer while soaking in the sun and the soft breeze.

Rental fee (2 pax): 160,000 ₫ / 2 hours (100,000 ₫ / hour)


Water skipper is an interesting activity where guests have to balance and move on the water surface using a device similar to a bike. It is quite challenging for those who try it the first time so it will definitely bring a lot of laughter for your group of friends.

Rental fee: 300.000VND/ 1 hour (with trainer)


Jetski is not something new but it gives a different feeling riding it on a river instead of at the sea with big waves. Due to the narrow nature of the river as well as big underwater boulders, our staff will ride with the guests on the jetski rather than leaving the guests going alone.

Rental fee (1 – 2 pax): 500,000 ₫ / 15 min (with the driver)


Our motorboat is suitable for group from 6 to 8 people who want a short and private trip touring the Chay river. You can order food and drinks from us to bring on the boat for a more fulfilling experience.

Rental fee (max 8 pax): 1,000,000 ₫ / 2 hours (700,000 ₫ / hour)

a small cruise ship

Our Oxalis Holiday 101 cruise boat is one of the kind in Phong Nha. It can accommodate 12 to 15 people and like the motorboat, you can order food and drinks beforehand to bring on the boat. The price listed below is for hourly rental. If you want to experience more using the cruise, we have many tours that come in great deals such as the Sunset Cruise or Phong Nha River Cruise.

Rental fee (max 15 pax): 2.400.000VND/ 2 hour
(1.200.000VND/ 1 hours)


Aside from an extensive list of activities, Chay Lap Riverside is also proud to boast an impressive food menu. All of the food are developed and made by our own chefs so you’re guaranteed flavours you have never taste anywhere else.

Our most prized dishes are the BBQ pork ribs, grilled snakehead fish, and the in-house smoked pork belly. Though BBQ pork rib is a very common dish not many places serve it here in Phong Nha. Chay Lap Riverside is one of the few places that have this dish in the menu. Another great thing is that we use our own recipe to marinate the ribs which make it even harder to resist. You won’t be able to put it down.

Grilled whole snakehead fish is another of Chay Lap Riverside’s specialty food. We cover the fish with salt and grill it whole so you will get everything you ordered, not even one part is wasted. By the time it cooked, the salt already seeped into the meat and the fish is perfectly seasoned. We serve the fish with rice paper and vegetables so that you can make spring roll. It is a very balanced and nutritious meal.

The last dish of our specialty food is the in-house smoked pork belly. This is truly special because you won’t find it anywhere else in Phong Nha. We make it from scratch and smoke the pork belly ourselves with our own recipe therefore the taste is really unique. It’s homemade and heart-made. If you visit Chay Lap Riverside, make sure to try our in-house smoked pork belly.

Besides the specialties, Chay Lap Riverside also has other food such as grilled whole chicken, fried rice, stir-fried noodles, chicken wings, french fries, spring roll and steamed sticky rice.

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