Phong Nha Hotels

A welcoming host and a good night sleep will never do you wrong when travelling especially when you are away in a foreign country. A good accommodation will not just help you to rest after a long day out but also bringing you closer to the local lives through food and good stories.

Phong Nha has a wide range of accommodation from dorm-like hostels where you can enjoy your night like those days back in college to luxury resorts where you are treated like a VIP. These places will make you wonder whether you should go back to your life or just leave everything and enjoy the rest of your time here. Below are our top 10 recommendation places to stay in Phong Nha & Dong Hoi that you might want to consider during your travel!


For visitors who wish to explore Vietnamese countryside, Phong Nha Farmstay will be an excellent choice. The lodging was built in French Colonial style and is set in the peaceful surroundings of rice paddy fields on the edge of the famous Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.
You will get to indulge in the local village life or chill out by the pool and watch the sun set down the horizon. The hotel has rooms overlooking the surrounding rice paddies, farmlands and mountains.
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Overall quality: Excellent
Price: From about VND1,050,000 – VND2,500,000/night (from about USD46 – USD111/night)
Note: A 50% season discount for all rooms are now applied at Phong Nha Farmstay until March, 2019; contact Phong Nha Farmstay for details


The Phong Nha Backpacker hostel is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi; 24-hour front desk & room service.
The guestrooms are affordable and comfortable. Dorm rooms are also available here. You can always ask for travel advises from the staffs and they will recommend things to do and places to go in Phong Nha and the surrounding areas.
Overall quality: Average
Price:  From about VND100,000 – VND300,000/night (from about USD5 – USD14/night)


This country villa is considered to be one of the most valuable in Phong Nha. Located slightly away from the downtown by the river, Carambola Bungalow offers accommodation with free Wi-Fi, private beach area, restaurant and a water park.
The rooms are well designed and cozy. There is also a big terrace with a view of the mountain. Guests get the opportunity to explore the surrounding area by bicycle. You also can get down to the river and have a nice afternoon swim.
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Overall quality: Great
Price:  From about VND500,000 – VND700,000/night (from about USD23 – USD32/night)


Easy Tiger is probably the most famous hostel in Phong Nha. Located in the town and easy to spot with a big sign, this place is one of the landmark in Phong Nha. Easy Tiger provides comfortable dorm style rooms, a swimming pool, a pool table, amazing food & drinks at really affordable prices.
Live music shows happen almost every night make this place a hub for Phong Nha’s night life. You can get information about Phong Nha, places to visit and things to do from the staffs. The staff at Easy Tiger is really friendly, can speak English really well and willing to help you with your travel.
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Overall quality: Excellent
Price:  From about VND180,000/night (from about USD8/night)


Gecko Hostel could be list as a premium hostel of Phong Nha thanks to its prime location in the center of the town. This accommodation offers private rooms and dorm beds though the might not be as big as you would expect. But don’t worry, the rooms are comfortable. Gecko hostel even owns a bar which is open till late and a wide range of food on the menu.
Along with information about Phong Nha, Gecko hostel also has motorcycles and bicycles for rent which could make your travel more seamless and convenient as you don’t have to go outside to rent a bike.   
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Overall quality: Great
Price:  From about VND120,00 – VND500,000/night (from about USD6 – USD23/night)


Phong Nha Coco House just opened recently so everything is still very new. The rooms are small but enough for a comfortable stay. The owners are very nice and will try their best to help you with your travel. You will also get recommendations on things to do in Phong Nha from the owners.
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Overall quality: Above Average
Price:  From about VND500,000 – VND670,000/night (from about USD4623 – USD30/night)


Village House homestay, located in Cu Lac – outside of Phong Nha town so you can get away from the busy streets of Phong Nha which could sometimes be full of travelers. Breakfast & restaurant are available with mostly local dishes. The homestay provides free Wi-Fi with comfortable rooms & dorms with river view and mountain view.
The staffs are friendly and always there to help you find out the right itinerary for your travels!
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Overall quality: Above Average
Price:  From about VND120,000 – VND280,000/night (from about USD6 – USD13/night)


Linh’s Homestay is located in Phong Nha. Some of the rooms have a balcony which offers a nice chance to relax on the sunny terrace in the morning or enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. Some rooms are smaller than they seem on the website, so be sure to check the room before you book your room. Breakfast is served daily and includes English/Irish and Asian dishes. The bicycle & car rental services are also available.
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Overall quality: Above Average
Price:  From about VND120,000 – VND350,000/night (from about USD6 – USD16/night)


Situated in Phong Nha, Mango Hostel provides private rooms with bathrooms inside the room and even a balcony. The rooms are not very roomy, but it is good for a night sleep. Couples particularly like this place, as the accommodation feels like a private setting.
You’ll get a buffet breakfast every morning at the hostel and airport shuttle service is available.
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Overall quality: Above Average
Price:  From about VND230,000 – VND300,000/night (from about USD10 – USD14/night)


Geminai Hotel & Café is located on the Nhat Le riverside of Dong Hoi city, about 45 km away from Phong Nha. It situates at a prime location which is closed to train station, airport and Nhat Le Beach.
The rooms have TV, air-conditioner, hot water with new beddings. You will be impress with the excellent choices of Western & Asian dishes from the restaurant here. Adventure or Phong Nha National Park tours are available at the reception.
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Overall quality: Above Average
Price:  From about VND300,000 – VND600,000/night (from about USD14 – USD27/night)