Team Alan Walker experiences Phong Nha’s beauty with Di Di Thoi

Team Alan Walker in Phong Nha

Great news for all music lovers out there; Alan Walker’s “Alone, Pt. II” Ft. Ava Max will be released son 27th December 2019 and will treat viewers to some breathtaking visuals in the music video, as a major part of it was shot in the dreamy landscapes of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park’s region of central Vietnam. Alan Walker’s crew decided upon shooting in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and realized that this decision was a complete game-changer due to the surreal beauty of the area.

Being their first time in this part of the world, team Alan Walker wasn’t quite sure of how and where they would find the most ideal spots for the Alan Walker “Alone, Pt. II” Ft. Ava Max. This is where Oxalis Adventure and its sister company Di Di Thoi stepped in and lent unconditional support to the team and even took them into the depths of the National Park to help in filming Alan Walker’s “Alone, Pt. II” Ft. Ava Max in Phong Nha, Quang Binh and even inside the world’s largest cave – Hang Son Doong. In case you’re wondering what the Alan Walker crew did in Phong Nha before or after their adventurous venture into the Son Doong Cave, here it is:


Looking at Phong Nha with a different perspective

As the filming team of Alan Walker arrived in Phong Nha, they certainly formed a great first impression of the place, as they were greeted by the warmth of the sun and the locals. They came to Phong Nha knowing that it is home to some of the mightiest caves on Earth and that they would get some brilliant shots of the wilderness that they wish to capture in Alan Walker’s “Alone, Pt. II” Ft. Ava Max.

Phong Nha, being the “Adventure Capital of Asia” undoubtedly attracts passionate adventurers from around the world who wish to explore the most magnificent caves in the world. However, what they realize after visiting Phong Nha is that there is much more to this place other than the adventure and that’s the exceptional scenery and heavenly natural surroundings.

When Team Alan Walker was in Phong Nha, they were also supported by Oxalis Adventure’s sister company – Di Di Thoi, who helped them experience Phong Nha in way they hadn’t expected at all! Di Di Thoi is a local tour operator that operates with the agenda of “inspiring local experiences” and offers top quality classic tours in Phong Nha.


Di Di Thoi Sunset Cruise with team Alan Walker

Di Di Thoi had the pleasure of hosting Alan Walker’s “Alone, Pt. II” Ft. Ava Max filming crew on the amazing Di Di Thoi Sunset Cruise in the first week of April 2019. While on the cruise, the filming crew of Alan Walker found some more inspiration for the “music video as they cruised along the serenely gorgeous Chay River and saw the lush greenery and outstanding simplicity of the countryside in Phong Nha.

On the tour, Di Di Thoi introduced the team to the most ideal and beautiful locations for filming precisely according to what they were expecting to capture. Besides showing them the best spots for filming and arranging the perfect Sunset Cruise, Di Di Thoi also supported the filming of Alan Walker “Alone, Pt. II” Ft. Ava Max by taking care of the necessary logistics that would ensure a wonderful and convenient filming experience for the crew.

The stunning actress from Alan Walker “On my way”, Susanne Karin Moe, was also part of the Di Di Thoi Sunset Cruise and thoroughly enjoyed the breathtaking views of locals working near river banks, the gorgeous rice fields and local children splashing around in the beautiful Chay River. After filming some great shots for the Alan Walker’s “Alone, Pt. II” Ft. Ava Max, the crew sat back and relaxed on Di Di Thoi’s cruise boat as the surrounding sights of the Vietnamese countryside enraptured them!

Post the Di Di Thoi Sunset Cruise, the Alan Walker crew expressed their joyous experience of filming and enjoying the cruise by letting the staff know that they were extremely happy with it. They had heard that Quang Binh is the perfect filming location, but after they saw it and felt it themselves; they called it a great location for the music video and were delighted to have gotten some awesome shots for the Alan Walker “Alone, Pt. II” Ft. Ava Max, while being able to experience the incredible landscapes and natural assets of Phong Nha in a beautiful way.

Here’s all about Team Alan Walker’s accommodation experience in Phong Nha! 

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