Di Di Thoi offers a range of join-in tours that will provide you with a taste of Phong Nha and the local village life. These are our public tours in which you can have a chance to visit many destinations as the same time making some unexpected new friends along the way, with a typically lower cost than a private tour.


Our Phong Nha National Park Tour is a new spin on a local classic, whilst being both highly informative and also fun, with plenty of time to enjoy the park, and the highlight for many, Paradise Cave.

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Our 3-hour Sunset Cruise is perfect for those wanting a taste of local life with plenty of time to chill, and still receive an inspiring experience. A short and sweet option when visiting Phong Nha!

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Phong Nha River Cruise

1.320.000 Vnd

Our riverboat cruise will have you exploring the surrounding local villages of Phong Nha, which specialise in a variety of crafts and local delicacies, before cycling back to town through rice fields.

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This sightseeing route by cruise is to follow Susanne Karin Moe in her itinerary finding traces of the civilization of the Walkers’ ancestor in MV: Alone, Pt.II just released on December 27, 2019.

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